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Every driver at our company is fully qualified and has been awarded the correct certificates and licences for driving large commercial vehicles, including goods-carrying lorries and wagons of more than 7.5 tonnes. Our lorry drivers have been fully trained, possess the right skills, and are fully safety checked to an excellent standard to use a wide range of commercial lorries and similar vehicles. These include the articulated lorry, tanker, commercial trailer wagon, any type of large good vehicle and transport wagons.

Our drivers can travel and collect, deliver and distribute your merchandise to any location both within the UK and outside in Continental Europe. Our fleet of heavy good vehicle is ideal for all your delivery needs, and we are happy to work with a wide range of suppliers. We also have a team of qualified mechanics and drivers that can collect vehicles that require repair, or fix them for you. Our drivers can collect damaged and broken down vehicles and transport them back home for you on a lorry, trailer wagon or transporter. Each driver is trained in safety procedures and has a wide range of excellent skills, perfect for the needs of our clients and suppliers.